This is my whole new Blog. I decided to migrate from a static Blogging Software to a major CMS solutions. The links will be updated and the content moved to the new site. -- Enjoy ;)

I am a Computer Scientist (B. Eng) and I am passionate about Electronics, IT, µC, Computers, Algorithms and a lot more.

After I have successfully finished my Bachelor’s studies, I started to study “High Integrity Systems (Master)” at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main - Germany. When I am not studying, I am working for my engineering office: Spektrum Engineering. I started this business in 2014, after I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree. The sectors my engineering office covers is software development, systems engineering and Data & IT-Security.

(Social Media) Platforms

Twitter: @JohannesKinzig

Bitbucket: johannes_kinzig

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