Simatic S7 1200 with simulator connected to a power supply

We 👩‍🔧👨‍💻 are providing modern IoT & Industry 4.0 solutions and development of open source hardware & software based on C/C++, Python 🐍 and embedded Linux 🐧.

In the past, we have successfully carried out customer projects in the following domains
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3D printhead printing an arduino case


 Embedded Linux Development: Target shows running processes



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Product & Service Slides


Siincos - Industry 4.0 Architecture

Siincos is a modern, open and extensible Industry 4.0 Architecture which focusses on the integration of the production plant with the company IT-Infrastructure to enhance the manufacturing process (English Version)

Data acquisition with Simatic S7-PLCs

This example demonstrates data acquisition in the field (using Simatic S7-PLCs) and transmitting them into the company management level using middleware, OPC UA and/or MQTT (German Version)

Siincos M2M | IoT | Gateways

This presentation shows sample applications and the benefit of using customised IoT & M2M solutions to get the maximum out of your process appliances and machinery (German Version)