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Hello and Welcome to my Blog. My name is Johannes!

This Blog is about IT and Electronics. The main topics are hardware, software and development. The Arduino is part of the most projects mentioned here, because it is a great device!

Personally I am a hobbyist, and I like IT and Electronics. After I successfully finished my Bachelor’s studies, I started to study “High Integrity Systems (Master)” at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main - Germany.

Additionally I am self employed and working in the domains Software development, systems engineering and Data & IT-Security.

Electronics, IT, Microcontroller Boards, etc. are one of my hobbies (furthermore, I spend a lot of time with this stuff). Because it is a bit boring to build something and then hide it somewhere on the shelf, I decided to share my projects.

Have fun reading and rebuilding my projects. For remarks, just contact me via the Contact Form.


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