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This Blog is about IT and Electronics. The main topics are hardware, software and development. The Arduino is a major part of the projects presented here. I really like this device because it allows fast and easy prototyping.

Personally I am a hobbyist, and I like IT and Electronics. After I have successfully finished my Bachelor’s studies, I started to study “High Integrity Systems (Master)” at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main - Germany.

When I am not studying, I am working for my engineering office: Spektrum Engineering.
I started this business in 2014, after I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree. The sectors my engineering office covers is software development, systems engineering and Data & IT-Security.

Electronics, IT, microcontroller and evaluation boards, etc. are one of my hobbies (furthermore, I spend a lot of time with this stuff). Because I like Open Source Software and Hardware, I decided to share my projects.

Have fun reading and rebuilding my projects. For remarks, just contact me via the Contact Form.

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Twitter: @JohannesKinzig

Bitbucket: johannes_kinzig


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